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At CAR JJ GA, we protect one of your most treasured possessions: your vehicle. After each our wash, experience the same pride of ownership as you did the day you took your vehicle off the lot!

CAR JJ GA delivers superior washes performed by a caring team of people who appreciate the value of your time. We adhere to the highest standards of our industry, using only environmentally friendly products.

To offer this level of consistent service, each of our car wash professionals is committed to ongoing training. Our commitment to continual learning ensures that CAR JJ GA customers in each of our markets enjoy best-of-industry standards and practices.

If this sounds like the level of care and service that you’d like to experience at your car wash, then visit today and join the CAR JJ GA family!

 We makes your car wash experience better for your vehicle and the environment by championing the newest technology and services in the industry.

  • Lightest, safest wash material in the industry
  • Perfectly-calibrated chemical dispensing
  • An environmentally-friendly approach
  • Proactive maintenance for top performance

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We provide a convenient, consistent and exceptional car wash experience.


We work together as a team to build a better car wash experience and company. We are accountable to each other; we do what we say we will do.


We go with integrity in all we do by doing the right thing when no one is looking.


We work hard and play hard. We love what we do and have fun doing it.

We always available 24/7

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We want to come in first no matter what car washes we’re competing with, providing the highest-quality and most efficient washes in the nation.